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If you want to see what a typical service or message looks like here at Fern Creek, click any one of the videos below or listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. If you missed a week of worship, that’s okay! Catch up right here and be inspired by the teaching of God’s Word. Whenever you want to re-listen or catch up on a sermon series, know that we’ll always make sure to have them right here.  

We have a new podcast show called ‘Meet Fern Creek’, dedicated to helping God’s people connect with one another as they seek to follow Jesus. Around once or twice a month, we interview an individual or couple from our church to allow them the opportunity to tell their story, share their experience here at Fern Creek, and explain what God is doing in their current season of life. It’s always fun to talk life and learn from other strong Jesus followers.


God's Incredibles

Sunday, September 4


God's Incredibles

Sunday, August 21


God's Incredibles

Sunday, August 14


God's Incredibles

Sunday, August 7

The Last Breakfast

Building Bigger Tables

Sunday, July 31

The Last Meal

Building Bigger Tables

Sunday, July 24

Eating With the Troubled

Building Bigger Tables

Sunday, July 17

Pray Without Ceasing

My Playlist

Sunday, July 10

Proverbs 3:5-6

My Playlist

Sunday, July 3

The Strongman

Family Circus

Sunday, June 26

Bringing in the Clowns

Family Circus

Sunday, June 12


Family Circus

Sunday, June 5

Tightrope Walkers

Family Circus

Sunday, May 29

Misson Sunday

Mission Sunday

Sunday, May 22

Someday I'll Take my Next Step

Someday Island Series

Sunday, May 15

Someday I'll Forgive

Someday Island Series

Sunday, May 1

Someday I'll Slow Down

Someday Island Series

Sunday, April 24

A Warrior Plays Hurt

Warrior Series

Sunday, March27

A Warrior Takes a Tumble

Warrior Series

Sunday, March 13

The Lost Shepherd

Warrior Series

Sunday, March 6

A Warrior Must Face His Fears

Warrior Series

Sunday, February 27

The Giants Return

Warrior Series

Sunday, February 20

Facing the Giants

Warrior Series

Sunday, February 13

The Warrior Within

Warrior Series

Sunday, February 6

How to Share Your Faith

How to DIY

Sunday, January 30

How to Pray

How to DIY

Sunday, January 23

How to Read My Bible

How to DIY

Sunday, January 16

How to Worship

How to DIY

Sunday, January 9

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