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discipleship minister

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What I do at Fern Creek
 "Discipleship Minister" means that I get to keep asking the important question of what it is to follow Jesus every day of our lives at the center of our church family life.  I preach some, teach some, develop and coordinate groups, facilitate individual and group discipleship and help connect people in the church family as it pertains to our vision of Living and Loving like Jesus through our values.
What I did before I came to Fern Creek
 I served for 22 years as the Director of Reach Out on Campus, a campus ministry at Ohio University.  There I served with undergraduate students, graduate students and young professionals as well as faculty.

You may be surprised to know that I… 
once held a letter as part of a line of University of Minnesota marching band members that helped spell out "Thanks for the Memories" behind Bob Hope when he visited the University of Minnesota.

One item on my bucket list is…
Skydiving but now that I've had two back surgeries, I think I may need to rewrite my bucket list!


beau pace
Worship minister


What I do at Fern Creek
 I have been leading worship at FCCC since June of 2010 when I came to fill in for awhile. I work with our lead minister and volunteer staff in planning and preparing for worship. I am blessed to have such a talented, dedicated and humble group of people to work with. On occasion you will find me serving in the area preaching and teaching. I really enjoy watching people connect to Jesus through worship.
What I did before I came to Fern Creek
My background is in construction and ministry. I've served in various areas of ministry for 25 years, the last 10 or so in the area of worship. I've also worked in various areas of construction with most of my experience in carpentry and supervision. 

You may be surprised to know that I… 
I once worked as a "blaster" for a local piping company. Let's see . . . drill holes in the ground, fill them with explosives and blow stuff up. Yep that was fun! Let's do it again!

One item on my bucket list is…
I've been to several of the states in continental United States. I've also been to Brazil, Mexico, and Haiti, but I'd really like to visit Alaska. 



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What I do at Fern Creek
I serve as student minister, which is one of the greatest jobs ever! In my role I am in charge of programming, events, trips, outreach, and whatever else I’m told to do…most of which has to do with 6-12th grade students. I have been on staff here as Student Minister since 2008 and have been in student ministry since 2001. In my mind there is no doubt that I have the best job of anyone on staff because I get to hang out with students and call it work. One of the coolest parts about being a student minister is that I get to see students experience the hope of Jesus Christ in many different contexts. But most of all, I was hired to share Jesus with students and that is easily the best part of my job.

What I did before I came to Fern Creek
I grew up in Lawrenceburg, KY and spent most of my life there until I left for Johnson University in Tennessee to be a preacher. Before answering the call to ministry I had planned on either pursuing a career in golf course management or residential electricity (two very different paths). During and after college I worked at Willisburg Christian Church in Willisburg, KY until moving here to Louisville. While in Willisburg I learned a lot about people and ministry but most importantly I married the most beautiful girl in the world, Nicole Cooper. 

You may be surprised to know that I…
…Am currently learning Spanish. I took all of the required classes in High School to graduate but learned absolutely nothing! So at the ripe age of 30 I decided to start taking Spanish lessons in hopes that I might be able to better communicate with a group of people that I believe our church has an amazing opportunity to minister to/with.

One item on my bucket list is…Like Jeff, I’d like to visit all 50 states…and I have 18 states left at this point. I’m huge on taking road trips so I would love to drive the entire Pacific Coast Highway and would also like to drive up to Alaska on a road trip. Along with this I'd love to own an English Bulldog...but I don't want to have to pay for it. 


Staff Not Pictured:

David Kiser
Minister of Administration

Jae Miller
Kids Director

Fred Woosley
Visitation Minister

Hannah Brown
Financial Coordinator

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Office Manager













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