Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.
— Mark 12:30-31


Fern Creek Christian exists to be a church family who lives and loves like Jesus. For us, that simply means that we want to be people who are with Jesus so that we can be more like Jesus. Therefore, we value time together in worship, time together encouraging each other, and time for reaching our world with this love.

At Fern Creek, there is a place for everyone. We believe that church is where folks of different backgrounds, ages, and preferences find a place to be family, together. The work of God's Spirit is to bring diversity together and make us one family.  Each Sunday morning we express this by gathering for worship at either 9:30 or 11:00 (with worship & learning opportunities for kids and students at the same time). Our service is about 65 minutes long and includes time for singing, Bible reading, and a message that brings the truths of the Bible into our everyday lives. We provide Spanish language translation during our 11:00 service through headphones that are available to any who would like to use them.  We also share in communion each Sunday—an opportunity for all followers of Jesus to remember his death and resurrection. You are invited to come each Sunday as you are—jeans and dress clothes are equally welcome. The most important thing is not what we wear, but that we come with an open heart to what God is doing in our midst.

Our church held its first worship service on June 27, 1965, gathering in a downtown Louisville building. In 1966, we began meeting in the Fern Creek area. In 1977, we built a church location on Lovers Lane in Fern Creek. In 2004, we moved to our current location at the corner of Bardstown & Seatonville Roads. After 50 years of ministry in the Fern Creek community, we want to continue building on what God has done - as we continue to seek to reach our community with the love of Jesus.

Our congregation is a part of a fellowship of churches known as the Christian Churches & Churches of Christ. To learn more about the fellowship we are a part of, click here.  We believe in the historic teachings of the Church that are rooted in the Bible. We believe that God has been revealed to us as Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. We believe that our hope is grounded in the death and resurrection of Jesus, and that He is the way, the truth, and the life. We believe that we respond to the love of the Father shown to us in Jesus by trusting ourselves to Him. That decision is a step of faith that is expressed in baptism by immersion. The Holy Spirit then guides us, as He forms us and shapes us as the people of God. And we believe that Jesus will return, and will make all things new.


Our church is grounded in a vision that guides who we are, and who we seek to become. We want to be a congregation of people whose lives are rooted in the life of Jesus. We believe that Jesus was God in flesh; that by looking at Him, we see what God is, and what God does. So, as a church, we seek to know God and learn about God by looking to Jesus and learning from Him. Therefore, we value the Bible and its teachings as it points us to the person and the practices of Jesus. When we commit our life to Jesus and spend time with Jesus, we begin to look more and more like Him. Becoming like Jesus means we learn to love like He did. As we read the stories about Jesus in the Bible (found in Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John), we see Jesus loving people of all backgrounds, all situations, and all kinds of challenges. And we want to love just like that.

With our vision, we have a three values that help us put that vision into practice:

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Grace is God's love to us that meets us right where we are. Everyone needs grace - and once we have experienced it, we show it to others. With grace comes truth, for grace helps us see the truth of God that changes our lives.



We believe that it is essential that God's people learn to live life together - where we encourage, challenge, and walk with each other through the journey of faith. We simply cannot follow Jesus alone; we need others to join us on the path. So we provide life groups and a variety of other ministries to help us make meaningful connections along the way.



God's heart is for the world; ours must be also. When we are rooted in Jesus and in community with each other, we seek to extend that grace to those who don't know Jesus. We never do this arrogantly or under obligation; instead, we simply seek to bless others because we have been blessed.