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Missions has been at the heart of FCCC since it’s birth. Our church gives 11% of our tithes and offerings to missions (Domestic and International), that’s $122,000 annually!!! We believe that all believers are called to love the lost, we believe that all of us are placed where we are to be a light in the darkness, but not everyone is called to move across the globe. With that in mind, we are dedicated to supporting our missionaries, not just financially, but also through prayer, encouragement, and visiting them with groups when the situation allows.

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”
— Luke 19:10

International/Evangelistic Outreach Missions

Matt & Susan Nance, Mara Project - ms517@hushmail.com

Brent & Mary Marion, Mara Project - bm1026@hushmail.com

Colette Correa, Mara Project - appointedtothenations@gmail.com

Dan & Meg Price, Druze, Israel - www.pray4druze.com, ThePriceTeam@gmail.com

Nick & Amanda Dunn, Ethiopia - nadunn@cmfmissionary.org

Amaury & Catherine Gracesqui, Dominican Republic - acg828@live.com

Humberto & Becky Ramirez, Hispanics in Indianapolis, Indiana - humbertoramirez8311@gmail.com

Mike & Jill Hook, Hispanics in Fern Creek - mhook@teamexpansion.org

Julie & Don Adair, Pioneer Bible Translators - Julie.Adair@PBTI.org

“Enlarge the Harvest,” Emerald Hills/Team Expansion - info@teamexpansion.org

Jim & Carrie Taylor, “For Haven's Sake” Kenya- ct_forhavenssake@yahoo.com website: www.forhavenssake.com

Christian Education

Christian Academy of Louisville – www.caschools.us

Johnson University – www.johnsonu.edu

Kentucky Christian University – www.kcu.edu

Milligan College – www.milligan.edu

TCM:  Training Christians for Ministry, Austria – www.tcmi.org

White Mills Christian Camp – www.whitemillschristiancamp.com


Fern Creek Christian Church, Benevolence – see Rich Wethington

Fern Creek Highview United Ministries – www.fchum.org

Open Arms Christian Ministry, Switz City, IN – www.openarmschristian.com

Finally, brothers, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may spread quickly and be held in honor, just as it was with you.
— 2 Thessalonians 3:1