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Yes. Just by showing up.

Here is the plan! Easter is a HUGE day in the life of a church. Here at Fern Creek Christian Church we are excited to save lives! For every person that comes through the doors on April 21st of 2019 we are going to take a dollar out of our general fund to buy “newborn-bundles,” from Compassion International. One of these bundles ($198) will take care of a new mom and her baby’s needs, physical and spiritual, for the first year of the babies life. You do the math. We have 1200 people that morning. We give $1200. You and I will help 6 moms & babies for a year!!!

Here are our service times for that morning. If you have kids (birth-5th grade), good news. We have FUN stuff for them too.

Three Different Options!
8:15am (No kid’s programming)


Your contributions make an incredible difference in the lives of children in poverty. Compassion is:

  • a trusted Christian charity since 1952.

  • providing hope and benefits to over 2 million registered children in poverty.

  • a founding member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and meets the standards of the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance.

Transparent financial accountability is just one reason to trust Compassion with your charitable donations, making us a top-rated Christian charity! (https://www.compassion.com/sponsor_a_child/child-sponsorship-trustworthy-charity.htm)

Click the button below to see what’s in the bundle.


Fern Creek Kids offers age-appropriate programming at every stage! In our nursery, your baby will be taken care of by sweet volunteers in a safe, welcoming environment with lots of snuggles, toys, and love! Our preschool classes run on fun! From captivating songs and videos to age appropriate crafts and games, kids will learn about Easter through the art of PLAY! Elementary aged kids are invited to experience the Easter story like never before! Titled “iRise,” our high-energy Easter experience will engage kids at their level, helping them to relate something that happened so long ago to their lives today. You don't wanna miss it!